Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sommer's Breakfast Burritos

For Father's Day this year, I made Breakfast Burritos for the Bishopric. I am so grateful for our "Father of the Ward" Bishop Zakimi who does so much for everyone in our ward. Brothers Nite and Saifoloi his counselors,  also are a great support. My husband Scott is the Ward Executive Secretary and faithfully attends the PEC meetings each Sunday- he's not a father yet but I appreciate him so much, he's gonna be an awesome daddy far he's a pretty cool uncle :o)

Church doesn't begin until 11:00 am for us but the Bishopric and Priesthood leaders get together each Sunday at 8:00 am. As the Relief Society President I'm usually a the church for other meetings at least 2 hours early. So for us EVERY Sunday has become Fast Sunday in our house. So this Southwest Favorite was a much appreciated treat for Father's Day.

Here are my secrets to a quick and yummy family favorite inspired by the Beto's Breakfast Burritos.

I made 15 burritos so I  super sized the recipe. You can easily scale it down though.

15 Burrito-sized Flour Tortillas
4 Large Potatoes
1 Large Onion Chopped
1 lb bacon
2 cups cheese
10-12  eggs
Salt and Pepper to taste
Fire Roasted Green Chilies  (Sommer's "Secret" ingredient)

1. Begin by peeling, rinsing and chopping  your potatoes into small bite sized cubes.

Sommer's Secret: To save time and because I don't have a large range, I throw my cubed potatoes in the microwave to get a head start on the cooking.


2.. Warn the ready made tortillas in a hot skillet.


Sommer's Secret:  I let them sit on the hot skillet until they just begin to brown and begin to get puffy and a little crispy. This adds a crispy, chewy texture to the tortilla and gets rid of any "raw flour" flavor that is a dead give away to an amateur burrito maker.


Sommer's Secret: I use a cooling rack to keep the bottom tortillas from sweating out and getting soggy.


3. While the potatoes are cooking in the microwave and between flipping the tortillas I get the other ingredients ready....

Chop the onion.


Cut the bacon into bite sized pieces.

Sommer's Secret: When making just a few burritos keep the bacon frozen and just saw off a few's a little easier to cut when frozen.

Crack eggs into a bowl and beat in a bowl until fluffy.

4. After you've browned the tortillas, set them aside and use the same "preheated" skillet and drop in your chopped onion.

5. Add the chopped bacon.


Sommer's Secret: DON'T STIR JUST YET. Scotty and my in-laws really hate raw crunchy onions. Something I've learned over the years when cooking with meat and onions is to place the cut or crumbled meat (ground beef, pork, turkey etc) on top of the raw onions and let everything heat through. As the fat in the meat begins to render (or melt) it partially steams and softens the onions at the same time so that the meat and onions are cooked at the same time.  If you stir it all up right away the meat will cook before the onions -which is great if you like the crunchy texture otherwise'll be rewarded with yummy perfectly cooked tender and caramelized onions.


4. Once the bacon and onions are cooked through. Remove to a plate covered with a paper towel to drain the excess oil. (notice I didn't add any extra oil to the pan...)


5. Using the same pan, replace the bacon and onion mixture with the pre-steamed potatoes to get them nice and brown. 9 Because I was making so many burritos I divided the potatoes among 2 skillets so they would brown quicker.)

cropped potatoes

6. After the potatoes are nice and caramelized, create a "well" in the middle of the potatoes.
Sommer's Secret: I learned this trick from making fried rice, I like it cuz you don't have to move the potatoes to another dish.

7. Next pour the egg mixture into the middle of the well.

8. Stir slowly to allow the eggs to scramble.


9. Turn off the heat, then add .......
                                                    .......the rest of the potatoes......


.........................and ....................cheese........................yummmmmmmmm.......


10. Stir to combine.


Now the filling is done and you are ready to assemble your burritos.

I like to wrap each burrito individually. Since I want to keep them warm and will be serving right away I chose foil. If you are making the burritos to be eaten immediately you can forgo the wrapping . If preparing ahead for another day plastic wrap works well for reheating the burritos in the microwave.

1. Tear off enough foil to individually cover each burrito.

Sommer's Secret: It doesn't have to be exact. I use the large foil and cut them down the middle.

2. Create your assembly line... Tortillas, filling and wrappers....


3. Fill each tortilla with filling and roll tightly.







4. Roll in foil to wrap!




5. And repeat!......and repeat.....and repeat!

Sommer's Secret ingredient: Chopped New Mexico Green Chilies aka Hatch Green Chilies (fresh roasted is best)- It's hard to find them at a good price in Hawaii and I didn't have any on hand so the Bishopric missed out this day :o( chilies are the best!